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Welcome to Madison, AL AYSO Region 498


        EXTRA Tryouts     

Wednesday & Thursday
June 13 - 14, 2018
June 20 - 21, 2018

5:30pm to 7:00pm

Palmer Park Field 1, 2 & 3

Questions: Simon King at

Palmer Park
574 Palmer Rd
Madison, Alabama 35758
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EXTRA Program

AYSO EXTRA is an optional tryout based program that provides a program to play soccer at a more challenging level for those youth players who possess the desire, appropriate skills and abilities. AYSO EXTRA is a player development, player focused program within the AYSO player development pyramid. AYSO’s Six Philosophies apply to the program.

The AYSO EXTRA program and its matches shall be conducted under the AYSO National Rules and Regulations that include the US Soccer Player Development Initiatives with the following:

MATCH CONDUCT - Adhere to US Soccer Player Development Initiatives related to age guidelines for training, number of matches in a day and year, and rest days, which specify:

a.    Two to three training sessions per match

b.    Limit of 20 matches per calendar year for 10U

c.    Limit of 30 matches per calendar year for 11U and 12U

d.    Limit travel times (Typically 2 hours one way travel)

OFFICIATING - AYSO Referees participating in the EXTRA program must be currently registered and accepted volunteers. In addition: 

a. Referees shall be a minimum of two years older than the oldest players in the division to which they have been assigned.

b. Referees shall be approved by the Region Referee Administrator (RRA) and/or Area Referee Administrator (ARA).

c. Referees shall be evaluated and approved each Membership Year.

d. Participating Regions must supply referees to cover the games being played in their Region.

e. Referees will be assigned to games in divisions for which they are certified based on certification badge level as follows:

1.    10U Basic – Regional

2.    12U/13U/14U Intermediate

3.    14U to 18U Advanced or National

COACHING - Coaches participating in the EXTRA program must be currently registered and accepted volunteers. In addition:

a.    Must be an active participant in the Region’s standard primary program as an instructor, coach or referee mentor, or other volunteer service the Region determines adequate to fulfill this requirement.

b.    Coach and assistant coach assignments shall be renewed each season.

c.    Coaches must have completed the AYSO training levels below:

1.    10U Division ‐ U10 Coach Certified

2.    11U/12U Divisions ‐ U12 Coach Certified

3.    13U/14U Divisions ‐ Intermediate and Advanced Coach Certified

4.    15U Division and Up – Advanced with National Preferred

5.    Each EXTRA Program Team shall have a coach and an assistant coach.

The EXTRA Program in Region 498 is a year-long program running from Aug to May each year. There are 2 types of EXTRA team, Side-by-Side and Concurrent. The team coaches will decide which type of EXTRA team they form.

:  An EXTRA side‐by‐side player may not play on another AYSO standard primary program team during the same season, nor will they be eligible for All‐Star play. It is strongly encouraged players participate in the Indoor season.

Concurrent: An EXTRA concurrent player may play on another AYSO standard primary program team during the same season, and they will be eligible for All‐Star play. Should there be conflicts over practices and/or games the standard primary program team takes priority.

(All-Star is a secondary program and is a historical AYSO program in some parts of the country and AYSO allows it organization-wide as an optional offering. Region 498 does not typically form All-Star teams.)

EXTRA teams are formed through a Tryout procedure (see below), which will be conducted in June-August each year. Once formed, the EXTRA teams will stay together for the whole AYSO membership year. Players may be added to EXTRA teams with the approval of the Region Commissioner, and maximum roster size for the age division is not exceeded.

As a separate program, EXTRA is funded independently from the primary seasons. Additional costs for tournament fees, uniforms, and other expenses may apply, but the intent is to have a single payment to cover the whole year. Payment by installments will be provided.  

Each age division EXTRA team will have the freedom to operate as the coaches deem appropriate. This may include entering tournaments, playing local club teams, playing other EXTRA teams, or participating in local league play. EXTRA team games are to be played outside of the regular AYSO team schedule, which will typically mean late Saturday afternoon or Sunday. 

Contact Simon King  at for more information!

EXTRA Tryouts

AYSO EXTRA teams will be formed by fair and impartial tryouts. Tryouts will be held over the period Jun to Aug prior to the start of the Fall season. A minimum of 3 tryouts per AYSO age division will be held, weather permitting. Players do not have to attend all tryouts, however, the more time the Evaluators see a player the more accurate the evaluation.

PLAYER ELIGIBILITY - Any player is eligible to participate in the EXTRA program subject to the following:

a. Player eligibility, as it pertains to age requirements to participate in a specific gender/age bracket, is defined in the AYSO National Rules & Regulations.

b. Players not currently registered as a member of AYSO may attend a tryout by registering on the Region website.

c. Before a player can participate in any training and/or match play they must be registered in AYSO System of Record and have participated in a player evaluation/tryout.

d. The AYSO System of Record shall be the source of determining all players’ current registration status.

PLAYER SELECTION - Selection of players to join EXTRA teams are subject to the following:

a. Players may only be selected from candidates who attended tryouts. The Section Director or his/her designee overseeing the gaming circuit must approve any exceptions.

b. Once selected and position accepted, the player may not drop off one team and be picked up by another team during that season. All players and parents will sign the team commitment form, which prohibits all participants in the AYSO EXTRA Program from switching teams during the season.

c. Tryouts should be conducted using the standard format and evaluation forms available from the AYSO National. EXTRA Program Director should be contacted for advice.

TRYOUT PROCESS – Evaluations shall be as impartial as possible. Tryouts should be conducted in accordance with the following:

a.    Evaluators should be certified Coaches at 1 age division older (except 19U) than the division being evaluated. AYSO Camps Coaches or Challenger Coaches may be used as Evaluators, with permission of the Region Commissioner; requests to EXTRA Program Director.

b.    Coaches of an EXTRA Program Team should not participate in their team's evaluation. Coaches should observe all the players throughout the evaluations.

c.    A parent of a player trying out for an EXTRA Program Team should not participate as an evaluator for his/her child's gender/age bracket.

d.    Evaluators are strongly encouraged to use a small‐sided game format to evaluate players.

e.    Evaluators are strongly encouraged to utilize the AYSO Player Evaluation Procedure available at

f.     Evaluators are to submit player rankings/ratings and their recommendation to the EXTRA Program Director; for record keeping.

g.   The EXTRA Program Director, or the nominated designee, shall compile proposed team roster for discussion with the team coaches.

h.    Arbitration over player selection rests with the EXTRA Program Director, or Region Commissioner.

To sign up to tryout please go to  and register for EXTRA Tryout, just like you would register for a regular season. 


1. Players selected to the EXTRA Program will commit to their teams as their priority non‐school activity. Exception is EXTRA Concurrent teams for the season playing concurrently.
2. It is expected that every player attends each practice and game at the scheduled times. Coaches must be notified of absences. 
3. Excessive absences from practices and games is grounds for dismal from the team. AYSO Due Process is to be followed for cases of dismal.

Coach Eligibility

1.  Have a current Volunteer Application on file at the National Office. 
2.  Be an AYSO trained and certified coach, at the appropriate age certification you wish to coach. 
i.  NOTE: Coach certification for an EXTRA team is one up from regular AYSO teams (i.e. - EXTRA 10U requires 12U certification).
ii.  Exception for 16U and 19U, which require same certification as regular (i.e. - Advanced Coach). 
3.  Be Safe Haven certified (the 2012 version). 
4.  Be an active participant in the Region's standard primary program as an instructor, coach or referee mentor, or other volunteer service the 
     Region determines adequate to fulfill this requirements. 
5.  Be in good standing with the Region, Area and/or Section and AYSO. 
6.  Be recommended by the EXTRA Committee.
7.  Be approved by the Regional Commissioner.

If you are interested in coaching an EXTRA team, email, sending your name and the age divisions you wish to coach. 

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