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Welcome to Madison, AL AYSO Region 498

AYSO United Alabama

Welcome to AYSO United, the official club program of American Youth Soccer Organization.

With the implementation of AYSO United, this is an exciting time for AYSO. Our United program is designed to complete the AYSO Player Development Pathway, allowing players to complete their youth soccer journey under AYSO’s Six Philosophies.

The tremendous history and tradition at AYSO that made the organization a premier, youth soccer environment for many families are what United is embracing. Our United players will experience a positive, developmentally-appropriate environment, where they will not only develop in practice but also play at least 50% of the games.

Our National Technical Team, consisting of USSF A & B & UEFA Pro licensed staff, supports our local coaches in their development, which in turn impacts the many players that wear the AYSO United badge.

Our clubs are built on the hard work of the local staff, the skill of the coaches, the desire of the players, and the support from our families.

Within our first year, we have seen the immediate impact our clubs are making in their local markets with league winners, tournament champions, ODP Selections, and State Cup winners.

As we reflect on the impact AYSO United is making in club soccer, there is even greater satisfaction in knowing that the success we see in United is validation that the AYSO Player Pathway is developmentally appropriate for any player looking to be involved in our great sport.

For more information check out our AYSO United National website:
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Sign up for tryouts here:

Tryouts will be held in Madison and Huntsville.  Arrive 30 minutes prior to start time to check-in. Details on Madison locations to follow.  Details on Huntsville locations as below.

LINK TO THE FIELD-  Old Grissom High

12U and Younger - 2007 Born - 2010 Born
Wed May 16th, 2018 6 PM - 8 PM Sandra Moon East
Wed May 16th, 2018 6 PM - 8 PM Sandra Moon West
Thurs May 17th, 2018 6 PM - 8 PM Sandra Moon East
Thurs May 17th, 2018 6 PM - 8 PM Sandra Moon West

13U and Older - 2006 Born -2002 Born
Wed May 23rd, 2018 6 PM - 8 PM Sandra Moon East
Wed May 23rd, 2018 6 PM - 8 PM Sandra Moon West
Thur May 24th, 2018 6 PM - 8 PM Sandra Moon East
Thur May 24th, 2018 6 PM - 8 PM Sandra Moon West

May 14, 2018, whole week                             Tryouts for U13 and above (2006 Born and Up)

May 21, 2018, whole week                              Tryouts U9-U12 (2010-2007 Born)

We are United! Sign up for tryouts here:

Contact AYSO United Alabama Club President 

Joe Mullins - [email protected] 

AYSO United Alabama Club Administrator

As a Club Administrator, Joe will employ the assistance of the Director of Coaching to build a confident, capable, successful coaching staff.  As the Club Administrator, Joe will work with the National Academy Director, and his staff, to ensure that AYSO United is as successful in Alabama as it is in Los Angeles and New York City. Joe will set a professional atmosphere from day one and ensure coaches carry themselves, always, to the Gold Standard of AYSO and its Core Philosophies.  Joe is always available to address any concerns of parents and will always work hard to continue to grow AYSO Core which in turns strengthens AYSO United. AYSO United Alabama will ensure that it’s coaches, players, and parents represent all the positive aspects of our beautiful game, both with passion and purpose.    

Joe Mullins - [email protected]

AYSO United Alabama Director of Coaching

As the Director of Coaching for AYSO United Alabama, part of my job is to ensure the Club's Coaches coach and train to the standards! Other than the AYSO Six Core Philosophies, which are held to its highest standards, the following is my overall soccer philosophy.

Players learn the most by playing.  I am here to develop players in practice and games.  I am looking for players to positively contribute to the success of the team.  I will constantly be looking to help the players understand that I will know them by their actions, preparation and attitude before, during and after practice leading up to games. The game each week is a simple measuring stick from one week to the next to examine our development as a team and as individuals.  Some of the traits I am looking for include: technical skills (passing, dribbling, etc.) positive attitude, courage, respect for teammates and the game, composed thinking, preparedness, creativity, understanding of the player role, coachability and fitness.

I aim to create an environment in which my players feel safe and comfortable to explore the game at their own pace. In practice or games, I give guidance to players. However, I avoid simply giving them the answer. I allow players to learn from their mistakes. Sometimes it’s done by not saying anything at all, while other times I will ask them to walk me through their thought process.  I understand that all players learn in different ways. I appreciate that players are all at varying levels cognitively, physically and emotionally. Taking this into account, I create an environment that provides structure, but — more importantly — provides space for exploration. I try to focus on the player’s effort and praise positive behavior, not just the end result. Ultimately, this way, players are more engaged, more excited and have a blast as they learn. I try to build vital character traits — self-esteem, effort, perseverance, mental toughness, decision making, teamwork, etc. —whilst improving their knowledge of the game. So, we are not just creating good quality soccer players, we are building well-rounded young people. 

I will ensure a safe and enjoyable environment to play soccer and for players to have fun while doing so.  The objective of the game is to have fun – but fun within the context of playing at a very competitive level of soccer.  From a development perspective, winning must be accomplished through good training, teamwork, and intensity. My development philosophy includes the development of the complete player – which includes their level of intensity and willingness to truly play a contact sport and be willing to accept the physical demands of the game, as well as the development of the fundamental skills required to execute in the game.  The fundamentals of the game are too often overlooked.  I expect players to set goals and we will work towards achieving them together. Soccer is ultimately a team sport and at the highest levels, team chemistry is critical to success.   There is much to be learned through teamwork. My job is to develop players because any system, tactic or team is only as good as the individual players within it. 

Contact DOC Michael Parker - [email protected]

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing” – Pele

AYSO United FAQs

What is AYSO United?

AYSO United is the official club program of American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO).

How much does AYSO United cost?

There are additional costs associated with the club experience (league, tournament, referee, coaching, fields, uniform fees); however, as a National Organization our goal is to make the club experience cost effective for our families. Please reach out to the Club Administrator for their individual Club fee: [email protected]

Will AYSO United be available everywhere?

Our AYSO United Club Program will be implemented in select locations where both player demand and membership needs require this level of programming. All AYSO United locations must be approved by the National United office to ensure a full collaborative roll out with our executive members.

 What benefits will AYSO United members receive?

Being part of the official AYSO United club means you’re a member of “The World’s Biggest Soccer Club.” As a member of AYSO United you are part of a program that is committed to Player Development, Coaching Education and an affiliate member of U.S. Soccer.

 How is AYSO United different than AYSO’s Core and EXTRA programs?

AYSO United’s primary difference is that each team is formed through a formal try-out process and will compete in U.S. Club or USYS gaming circuits, which are external of AYSO game rules.

 How is AYSO United different from other club soccer programs?

What makes AYSO United different from other clubs is our Six Philosophies and the integrity of staying within those Philosophies. Our teams aren’t motivated by large rosters and a win at all costs mentality. If a player is selected to play for AYSO United, the coach will strive to ensure that a players receives 50 percent playing. AYSO United Coaches will focus on developmental training philosophies which falls in line with our U.S. Soccer approved curriculum. U.S. Soccer’s Zone 1 initiatives fall directly in line with AYSO’s “Development over Winning” approach to our club program. No other clubs can boast these credentials. We want to win…but respect and appreciate the entire process of competition.

 What can we expect in the future from AYSO United?

AYSO United will see tremendous growth as a program while developing some of the top players and teams in its respective locations. Our coaches will be tremendous role models and teachers to our players and our Directors of Coaching will foster a community experience to ensure everyone associated with AYSO is proud of the United program. 

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