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Welcome to Madison, AL AYSO Region 498

Futsal (Indoor) Program


Our 2024 Futsal Season Registration is open for 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U and 16/19U Coed Teams. 

Uniforms are purchased through and they get shipped right to your door
Your uniform order will contain a blue/red jersey, black shorts, and black socks
See the next section for more uniform information

Players of regions other than 498 do not need to purchase a uniform for this one season unless they desire to. They can wear a red and/or blue t-shirt or jersey.


We understand this might be a difficult time financially for some due to being out of work from COVID-19.
We are here to help! If you find that you cannot make ends meet to cover our region fee, 
please email us at [email protected]

Registration Instructions

Please consider coaching and/or becoming a referee. We do not want to turn any players away because we do not have enough coaches. We will train and support you. It doesn't matter if you are brand new.
We also need Division Coordinators.

How Do I Become a Coach?
How Do I Become a Referee?
Volunteer Only Registration Instructions





After you register your player, you will receive an email from within a week. If you don't see the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. In this email will be a link. Click the link and it will take you to under your player's namePlease only use the link in the email to access the website. Once on the uniform page, it will show you the uniform that that is required for playing soccer game {picture below}. Once you purchase the uniform, it will be shipped to the shipping address you entered. In addition, you will have the option to purchase other items and accessories from the fan page. 


If you need assistance ordering, or have ordered and need to exchange or return your order, please call customer service at 800-950-1994. If you did not receive an email from, please email [email protected].


Parents with a scholarship and VIP receive an email from as mentioned above. In addition, you will also receive an email from the Regional Commissioner containing a gift code to use upon checkout when ordering your player's uniform. The gift code will waive the charge. Please do not click the link in the email until you have the gift code.

For questions on uniforms, please contact the Regional Commissioner at [email protected]

How to Register for Indoor

Registering for Indoor Soccer

If your player played in any season from Fall 2017 to present day, please login to your existing account to register your player. Please do not start a new account if you have signed up for an account previously. 

If you forgot your User ID or need your password reset, please email [email protected]

If you are signing up your player for the first time, CLICK HERE to Register Now.

For our stop-by-step Registration Instructions, CLICK HERE.

If you player is returning, CLICK HERE to Login.

How We Play Indoor Compared to Futsal


How We Play Indoor Compared to Futsal



What is Futsal?

Futsal is a FIFA recognized game that is played as 5v5 players, with one player being a goalkeeper, on a small sized player area or court. The game can be played outdoors, but is normally played indoors on a special surface. Futsal specifications are: 

  • A full-sized Futsal court is 40m (131 feet) x 20m (66 feet), with penalty areas, center circle, and substitution zones
  • Goals are 3m (10 feet) x 2m (6.5 feet)
  • The ball used is a size 4 special low-bounce ball
  • There are two periods of 20 minutes with time stopping at every dead ball
  • Between the two periods, there is a break of 15 minutes
  • Each team may use one timeout per half, which lasts one minute
  • Substitutions are unlimited and are made on the fly without the game stopping

The full Futsal Laws of the Game can be found by CLICKING HERE


How Region 498 Plays Indoor

We use Liberty Middle School (LMS) and add temporary lines to make the Futsal court. Indoor specifications are:

  • The Futsal court at LMS is approximately 95 x 60 feet, and the goals are 3 x 2 meters (9.84 x 6.56 feet)
  • The penalty area shape modified to make it easier to place the tape
  • All ages play 5 v 5 players and can have a maximum of 10 players on the roster, but we prefer 7-8 players which allows more playing time
  • No goalkeepers are allowed at 8U and younger, but there are goalkeepers for 10U and older
  • A standard Futsal ball is used for 8U and older, and a slow roll ball is used for younger players
  • We play two periods of 20 minutes with a running clock, with a halftime break of 5 minutes
  • We do not use timeouts, but we do allow unlimited substitutions on the fly

We have limited gym time, so game slots are one hour each. We have 5-15 minutes warm-up/pregame + 40 minutes playing time + 5 minutes halftime break = 50-60 minutes; which means the smallest delay has big effects by the end of the day's game. 


Where we play Indoor

Indoor Soccer Locations

Indoor soccer will be located at LMS:

Liberty Middle School
281 Dock Murphy Drive
Madison, AL 35758
View Directions

Indoor Age Divisions

Indoor Age Divisions

All indoor age divisions are coed. The chart below shows our age divisions. Depending how many players register, some divisions may be combined. 

Understanding the "U" in the Division Name

Reading the division name can get confusing. The way the division names are written and the way they are read are completely different. For example, in the chart below, we have the division name written such as 10U. The letter "U" means Under. By looking at the division name, one would think to read it as "10 and Under" meaning players that are age 10 are included in this division. However, this is incorrect. The proper way to read the division name, such as 10U is "Under 10" which actually does not include players 10 years of age; but rather under 10 years of age. 

Indoor Player Equipment

Indoor Player Equipment

Indoor player equipment is similar to outdoor soccer.


  • Indoor players use the same uniforms as other seasons
  • If your player's uniform still fits from the last season they played, the same uniform can be used
  • If your player needs a new uniform, email [email protected] to receive an invitation email from

Shin Guards

  • Shin guards MUST be worn and completely covered by socks


  • Normal tennis shoes or sneakers are fine, but special Futsal shoes are also acceptable


  • We ask that players DO NOT bring their outdoor soccer balls to the gym; we provide Futsal or low bounce balls


  • Please bring plenty of water!
  • We ask that everyone refrain from bringing Gatorade or other juice drinks into the gym 

Game Schedule


2 Dec 2023

  • Coaches must take Foundation of Futsal 1 (Online) on AYSOU before enrolling for the part in-person course
    • 1 hr online course

 9 and 16 Dec 2023

  • A block schedule will be published mid-Nov allocating each Age Div a time slot
  • Division Coordinators run their session to include:
    • Introduce Futsal specific skills
    • Team forming and balancing, for Divs that form teams (typically 8U through 12U)
      • 04U and 06U are Fundamental Motor Skills sessions
      • Divs that don't form teams will play pick-up style games

 Game Schedule

  • Final game schedule will not be published until after the 16 Dec pre-season activities, when the number of teams is confirmed
  • The schedule is planned to be a block system from youngest to oldest through the day:
    • Block system is all 8U games in one block, then all 10U games in next block, etc.
    • Ideally, each team only plays 1 game each week, if there are an even number of teams
    • Exceptions:
      • Youngest to oldest sequence may be adjusted to fit the timings (e.g. instead of two 12U games on Sat and one 12U game on Sun, all 12U games may be scheduled for Sun)

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