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Indoor (Futsal) General Information

Season start date: 7 December 2019
Season end date: 23 February 2020

The Indoor (Futsal) season is the second season of the year, and runs from early December to late February/early March. Our soccer year is from August 1 to July 31

Indoor (Futsal) program is not just soccer played indoors, although there are many skill transfers. We play Futsal, which is a fast paced, high scoring, attack focused game which helps develop technical skills. Futsal is played 5 v 5 players and uses a special Futsal (low bounce) ball, which we provide. For more information about Futsal check out United States Youth Futsal

Futsal is an exceptional opportunity to develop technical skills, make great friends, and get out of the house when the weather may not support activities (except shoveling snow). You'll find that Indoor (Futsal) program offers a low-stress opportunity to play fast-paced, competitive games while committing only a few hours per week.

There are no team practices during the Indoor (Futsal) season, but we are trying to set up 1-2 Open Skills Clinics per week on weekday evenings.

The last 2 weekends of the season will be a Futsal tournament with separate brackets for Recreational (Core) and Academy. Recreational (Core) Divisions participating in the tournament will 10U, 12U and 14U (if there are enough teams at 14U). Academy Divisions participating in the tournament will be Disco and Lindy. Recreationl (Core) Divisions 5U, 6U, 7U, 8U, 16U and 19U, and Academy Samba Division will play normal games. Teams participating in the tournament should expect to play 3 games on each weekend of the tournament.

The benefits of Futsal include:

  • improves players decision making skills
  • provides players with more touches on the ball
  • the heavier ball increases the power of players
  • it develops the confidence in players to go 1v1 against their opponent
  • it allows players to be creative in getting around their opposition
  • it improves reaction time

For more information on the Indoor (Futsal) program read the following sections on this page

How to Register for Futsal

If your player played in any season from Fall 2017 to present day, please login to your existing account to register your player for 2019-20 Indoor (Futsal) Program. Please do not start a new account if you have signed for an account previously.

If you forgot your User ID or need your password reset, please contact the Webmaster at [email protected]

For questions about registration, please contact the Registrar at [email protected]

If you are signing your player up for the first time, CLICK HERE to Register Now.

For our step-by-step Registration InstructionsCLICK HERE.

If your player is returning, CLICK HERE to Login.


The planned schedule for the season is below. Note that the NA Futsal tournament is NOT an AYSO event, but AYSO teams may enter; visit for more information. A detailed time schedule will be published in due course.

What is Futsal

Futsal is a FIFA recognized game that is played as 5 v 5 players, with 1 player being a goalkeeper, on small sized playing area or court. The game can be played outdoors but is normally played indoors on a special surface. A full sized Futsal court is 40m (131 feet) x 20m (66 feet), with penalty areas, center circle and substitution zones. The goals are 3m (10 feet) x 2m (6.5 feet), and the ball is a size 4 special low bounce ball. There are two periods of 20 minutes with time stopping at every dead ball. Between the two periods there is a break of 15 minutes. Each team may use one time-out per half, which lasts one minute. Substitutions are unlimited and are made on the fly without the game stopping. There are other markings and the full Laws of the Game can be found here.

How we play Futsal

We use Liberty Middle School (LMS) and James Clemens High School (JCHS) gyms, and add temporary lines to make the Futsal court. At LMS the Futsal court is approx. 95 feet x 56 feet and the goals are 8 feet x 5 feet. At JCHS the court is approx. 105 feet x 60 feet, and the goals are 10 feet x 6.5 feet. At both gyms the penalty area shape is modified to make it easier to place the tape. All ages play 5 v 5 players, and teams can have a max of 10 players, but we prefer teams of 7-8 players; more playing time. AYSO does not allow goalkeepers at 8U and younger, but there will still be 5 players on the court. Goalkeepers are used at 10U and older. We use a standard Futsal ball for 10U and older, and slow roll ball for 8U and younger. We play 2 periods of 20 mins with a running clock. The halftime break should be 5 mins, but not longer than 10 mins. We only have limited gym time, so game slots are 1 hour, which means 5-10 mins warm up/pre-game admin + 40 mins playing time + 5-10 mins halftime break = 50-60mins; which means the smallest delay has big effects by the end of the day's game. We do not use time outs. We do allow unlimited substitutions on the fly. All the modifications to the Laws of the Game are detailed in the AYSO 498 Futsal Laws of the Game.

Where we play Futsal

We use the gyms at local schools to play Futsal. The schools we currently use are:

  • James Clemens High School (JCHS)


  • Liberty Middle School (LMS)

Futsal Age Divisions

All Futsal Age Divisions are Co-Ed, simply because we do not have enough gym space to run separate gender age divisions. The following age divisions are offered, but it should be noted that some divisions may be combined depending on the numbers that register:

What's the difference between Recreational (Core) and Academy?

Recreational (Core) Divisions are open for any player of the appropriate age to register. Division Coordinators will form teams at the start of the season, usually by holding group sessions for the first 2 weeks of the season. Each Recreational (Core) team will then play one game per weekend on a Saturday or a Sunday.

Academy Divisions are for AYSO United players to form squads of up to 24 players under the direction of one or more coaches. Squad players will typically come from 2-3 current AYSO United teams. Each squad will have a 2 hour training session on a Saturday or a Sunday. Other players, including Recreational (Core) players, may be invited to join a squad, as a try out to join an AYSO United team. Academy squads will also have 3 Game Weekends through the season. On a Game Weekend each squad will form up to 3 teams and each team will play 3 games through the Game Weekend.

Futsal Player Equipment

Futsal player equipment is similar to normal soccer player equipment.


  • Recreational (Core) players use the same uniform as the other seasons.
  • Academy players use the AYSO United uniform

Shin Guards

  • Shin guards MUST be worn and completely covered by socks


  • NO CLEATS! Normal tennis shoes or sneakers are fine, but special Futsal shoes are also acceptable 


  • We ask that players DO NOT bring their outdoor soccer balls to the gym; we provide Futsal balls.

Other Items

  • Please bring plenty of water. We ask that everyone refrain from bringing Gatorade or other juice drinks into the gym. Spilled water is much easier to clean up and not leave a sticky mess in the gym.

Game Schedule

Recreational (Core)

  • First 2 weeks will typically be group sessions for forming teams
  • Game schedule will be published on


  • Squad training sessions will start on first weekend
  • Training schedule will be emailed to coaches
  • Game schedule will be published on

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