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Welcome to Madison, AL AYSO Region 498

AYSO 498 MY 2024 Board Members

2024-2025 (MY2024) AYSO Board
Madison, AL
Section 5 / Area C / Region 498

Email  [email protected]  for questions or to request to become a board member

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Position  Volunteer Email
Required Board Members
Regional Commissioner Gene Scherer [email protected]
Assistant Regional Commissioner Jake Williams [email protected]
Region Registrar Jake Williams (Temp) [email protected]
Region Secretary   [email protected]
Region Treasurer Marty Alber [email protected]
Region Auditor   [email protected]
Region Safety Director David Hutchinson* [email protected]
Region Coach Administrator Jessie Frye [email protected]
Region Referee Administrator Greg Duke [email protected]
Region Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) Joe Mullins [email protected]
Additional Voting Board Members
Assistant Region Registrar    
Assistant Region Treasurer  
Assistant Region Coach Administrator Lamin Kassama [email protected]
Director of Coach Instruction Simon King [email protected]
Assistant Region Referee Administrator Drew Winstel[email protected]
Region Director of Referee Instruction   [email protected]
Region Director of Referee Assessment
[email protected]
Schedule Coordinator Jill Cusack [email protected]
Assistant Scheduler Coordinator Arnaldo "AJ" Romero [email protected]
EPIC Regional Administrator Craig Besaw [email protected]
Assistant EPIC Program Director Mike Hannan
[email protected]
Indoor Program Director Simon King [email protected]
Assistant Indoor Program Director   [email protected]
Tournament/Post Season Play Coordinator
Assistant Tournament Director
Uniform Coordinator Mackenzie Glasscock [email protected]
Equipment Coordinator Jing Chen [email protected]
Fields Coordinator Josh Coffey [email protected]
Concessions Manager
Publicity Coordinator    
Advertising Coordinator    
Picture Day Coordinator Brian Bostick [email protected]
System Administrator   [email protected]
Board Member Christy McGuire [email protected]
Board Member  
Board Member  
Webmaster   [email protected]
Coach Trainer Simon King [email protected]
Coach Trainer Bob Hannah [email protected]
Coach Trainer Curtis Walker  
Coach Trainer Troy Trulock [email protected]
Coach Trainer Brad Sims  
Coach TrainerJosh Coffey 
Referee Instructor Simon King  
Referee Instructor Bob Hannah  
Referee Instructor Greg Duke
Admin Instructor Gene Scherer
Region Director of Referee Assessment Simon King [email protected]
Division Coordinator (Voting Board Members)
16U-19U Boys (2006-2009) Division Coordinator Brad Sims [email protected]
16U-19U Girls (2006-2009) Division Coordinator Josh Coffey [email protected]
13U-15U Boys (2010-2012) Division Coordinator Nick Wesseling [email protected]
13U-15U Girls (2010-2012) Division Coordinator Jake Williams
[email protected]
11U/12U Boys (2013-2014) Division Coordinator Jessie Frye [email protected]
11U/12U Girls (2013-2014) Division Coordinator Brian Haley
[email protected]
10U Boys (2015) Division Coordinator Troy Trulock [email protected]
10U Girls (2015) Division Coordinator Bonnie Winstel [email protected]
9U Boys (2016) Division Coordinator Rachael McCarty
[email protected]
9U Girls (2016) Division Coordinator Brent Mikelson
[email protected]
8U Boys (2017) Division Coordinator   [email protected]
8U Girls (2017) Division Coordinator Elena Puglia Guerrero [email protected]
7U Boys (2018) Division Coordinator Mackenzie Glasscock
Todd Spears
[email protected]
7U Girls (2018) Division Coordinator  Dusty Chivers [email protected]
6U Boys (2019) Division Coordinator Katie Johnson [email protected]
6U Girls (2019) Division Coordinator Jennifer Kaczynski [email protected]
5U Boys (2020) Division Coordinator Bob Hannah [email protected]
5U Girls (2020) Division Coordinator Bob Hannah [email protected]
4U Coed (2021) Playground Coordinator Bob Hannah [email protected]
Non Voting Board Members
AYSO United Liaison Michael Winstone [email protected]
Madison Parks and Recs Kory Alfred [email protected]

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Registration  - [email protected]
VIP (Very Important Player)  - [email protected]
Coaching  - [email protected]
Coach Instruction  - [email protected]
Referees  - [email protected]
Referee Instruction  - [email protected]
Background Checks  - [email protected]
Regional Commissioner  - [email protected]

Division Questions

4U Playground  - [email protected]
5U Boys  - [email protected]
5U Girls  - [email protected]
6U Boys  - [email protected]
6U Girls  - [email protected]
7U Boys  - [email protected]
7U Girls  - [email protected]
8U Boys  - [email protected]
8U Girls  - [email protected]
10U Boys  - [email protected]
10U Girls  - [email protected]
12U Boys  - [email protected]
12U Girls  - [email protected]
14U Boys  - [email protected]
14U Girls  - [email protected]
16U Boys  - [email protected]
16U Girls  - [email protected]
19U Boys  - [email protected]
19U Girls  - [email protected]
VIP  - [email protected]

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AYSO Madison Alabama Region 498

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