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2020 Fall Registration


We are now going through for our uniforms.
You will order your player's uniform directly from them and they get shipped right to your door.
The are blue/red jerseys, black shorts, and black socks.
Uniforms will not be ready to order until approximately June 2020.
I will send an email when they become available.

(It will take a transition of at least one year for everyone to be in the new uniform.)

We understand this might be a difficult time financially for some due to being out of work from COVID-19.
We are here to help! If you find that you cannot make ends meet to cover our region fee,
please email us at [email protected]

Registration Instructions

Please consider coaching and refereeing. We do not want to turn any players away because we do not have enough coaches. We will train and support you. It doesn't matter if you are brand new.
We also need Division Coordinators. 

How Do I Become a Coach?
How Do I Become a Referee?
Volunteer Only Registration Instructions

Fall Season


Fall Season

Fall season is the first season of the soccer year. Our soccer year is from August 1 to July 31

Season Information

  • Fall season starts in August and runs into October for 5U-8U
  • Fall season starts in August and runs into November for 10U-19U
  • Registration usually starts in May and runs until the end of July. For more information about Registration, click HERE


  • Uniforms are provided for each membership year for the Fall season
  • Cost of the uniforms are included in the registration fee
  • Players get to keep their uniforms at least Fall through Spring seasons
  • All players must wear shin guards in order to play
  • Shin guards must be worn inside the socks and cannot be exposed
  • Only soccer cleats and tennis shoes can be worn
  • Baseball or football cleats cannot be worn due to the toe cleat

Soccer Practice

  • Practices are held Monday through Friday
  • Coaches pick the practice days and times when they receive their team, based on field availability 
  • 5U/6U practice is 45 minutes to an hour once per week with start times between 5:00pm and 7:00pm
  • 7U/8U practice 1 hour to 1.5 hours once or twice per week with start times between 5:00pm and 7:00pm
  • 10U-14U practice 1.5 hours twice a week with start times between 5:00pm and 8:00pm
  • 16U/19U practice 1.5 hours twice a week with start times between 5:00pm and 8:00pm

Soccer Games

  • Most games are played on Saturday at Palmer and Dublin Park
  • 10U-19U will "travel" locally (Huntsville, Harvest, Monrovia, etc.) at least once throughout the season
  • Games start at 8:00am - 4:00pm


  • Tournament games are played all days of the week, including Sunday
  • Region Tournament will be held at Palmer and Dublin Park
  • Area Tournament can be held in Huntsville, Harvest, Madison, or any location within our area 
  • For more information about the Area Tournament, click HERE

Mini Round Robin Games


Mini Round Robin Game Procedures

Instead of scheduling double headers or by weeks for teams when an odd number of team is available, we typically choose to use a Mini Round Robin. This is when three teams play a round robin of three half-time games. This allows all three teams to play what adds up to be one full game. In these procedures, each game of a mini-round robin games is called a mini-game. 

Coin Toss - Only one coin toss before the first mini-game is needed. See the examples below. 

Substitution Breaks - There will be only one substitution break about half way for each mini-game. 

Line-Up Cards - There should be a line-up card for each team. Teams should mark their substitutions for both of their halves (just like a normal game). The only difference will be that they have two different opponents. This means it is possible that a player may not play at all in one of the mini-games (since each mini-game is a half). If coaches choose to use two line-up cards, make sure they indicate first or second mini-game. All players should play AT LEAST one half (two quarters for games with quarters) between the two mini-games they play. Regions may require more. 

Equipment Check - Check both team's equipment before the first mini-game. Only need to check the third team's equipment before the second mini-game. No need for equipment check before the third mini-game. 


12U mini round robin example (30 minute halves, 40 minute time slots)


Mini-Game 1: Team A vs Team B @ 10:00am
Mini-Game 2: Team B vs Team C @ 10:40am
Mini-Game 3: Team C vs Team A @ 11:20am

First and only coin toss: Team B wins coin toss and chooses to attack North goal

Mini-Game 1:

-- Team A kicks off attacking the South goal @ 10:00am
-- Substitution break at approximately 10:15am (preferably at a normal game stoppage) for 1-2 minutes (this should be a        short break)
-- Mini-Game 1 ends at approximately 10:32am (the half should be 30 minutes long)

Mini-Game 2:

-- Team B kicks off attacking the South goal at 10:40am
-- Substitution break at approximately 10:55am (preferably at a normal game stoppage) for 1-2 minutes (this should be a        short break)
-- Mini-Game 2 ends at approximately 11:12am (the half should be 30 minutes long)

Mini-Game 3:

-- Team C kicks off attacking the South goal at 11:20am
-- Substitution break at approximately 11:35am (preferably at a normal game stoppage) for 1-2 minutes (this should be a short break)
-- Mini-Game 3 ends at approximately 11:52am (the half should be 30 minutes long)

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